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The Best Online Dating Sites For Single Moms

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Looking for love? Try online dating

Looking for love? Try online dating

The dating scene is difficult enough and if you are a single mom it might get even harder. Online dating sites can make searching for the right one easier. As a single mom you may wish to explore only those dating sites that cater to your particular category. To help you in your search we will present the top 3 online dating sites for single moms.

Why Single Parent Matchis our top choice

We consider Single Parent Match as the best online dating site for single moms. The website offers a free trial membership that allows you to check the basic site’s features. To access all the website’s features you would need to upgrade to gold membership. The cost is $29.95 monthly, $19.95/month for 3 months membership, or $15.95/month for a 6 months membership. As you can see the website practices affordable fees.

Online dating is a safe and fun way to meet  people

Online dating is a safe and fun way to meet people

Single Parent Match is one of the world’s first dating sites catering for single parents and has more than 10 years of experience on the market. You’ll find thousands of local profiles to choose from. You can use either the quick search or the advanced search function to look for your match. The website offers in-site messaging and a live chat function to help you keep in touch with potential partners. You also can send winks to other members to express your interest in their profiles. For easy management of your interactions you can use a favorites list, a friends list and a blocked members list. Single Parent Match also offers you the possibility to check members by birthday date and check out astrology matches.


Single Parent Meet is another best choice

Single Parent Meet is another of the top 3 choices of online dating sites catering for single moms. Same as Single Parent Match, this online dating site offers a free trial membership to allow you evaluating the site’s basic features before signing in for full membership. The processing fee for all types of subscriptions is $3.99. A monthly subscription costs $14.99. For a 6 months subscription you’ll have to pay $9.99/month, and if you want profile highlighting the 6 months subscription will be $10.99/month.

Single Parent Meet gathers the largest online community for single parents. Nearly half a million new members join the dating website each year. The website offers many search options, such as basic search, keyword search, username search, and advanced search. You’ll have access to a mailbox and real time chat. “Who viewed me” feature allows you to know what members browsed your profile.

Single Parents Mingle best features

Single parent? Find love in online dating sites

Single parent? Find love in online dating sites

Single Parents Mingle offers free trial and subscription membership. The cost of the subscription is $9.99 monthly, if you subscribe for just one month. For a 3 months subscription the fee is $7.99/month, and for a 6 months subscription you have to pay only $6.99/month.

This online dating site, which was launched in 2002, has already helped many single moms meet their ideal partner. Besides messaging and online chat, the dating site also features chat rooms on diverse topics. You can also send a “smile” or a “spark” to let other members know that you are interested in their profile.

By using one of the top 3 online dating sites for single moms presented in our short review you can be certain that your search for the right match will become easier and you have increased chances to succeed.

The 5 Best Places To Meet Single Men And Women Over 40

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Start dating again

Start dating again

So you’re somewhere in your 40s… And you’re divorced. So what? Welcome to the club. There are hundreds, maybe even thousands of men and women out there who suffered the same fate as you. They may all have been miserable for a time but it looks like they’re ok now—and just like you, they’re looking for love.

It’s true when they said life begins at 40-something. So don’t give up on love just yet, it’s right around the corner—and this time could be better. And just to prove our support for your search for Mister (or Miss) Right par deux, here are 5 of the best places to meet single men and women over 40.

The internet

Well? Need we say anything more? Everything, even the chance of finding new romance, is digital now. There are dozens of dating websites all over the internet dedicated to singles over 40. You might want to check them out. It’s easier to strike up a conversation with people online, because you can end the conversation just as easily, and there’s no pressure in meeting up with a person UNLESS you really want to.

The golf course

You can find love on the links

You can find love in the golf course

For a sport that’s dominated by men for YEARS, golf sure is making leaps of improvement with its players. Every day, more and more women are discovering just how fun it is to take on a course, and they’re lugging their clubs to take out a few swings in the process. So if you can meet someone who has the same amount of love for golf as you do, consider yourself VERY lucky.

The day care center/school

Take your child to school and meet people there

Take your child to school and meet people there

Well it’s true! Lots of (hot) single parents drop and pick up their kids to and from school—so obviously, it’s a good place to start. We’re not suggesting that you hang around and wait until you bump into a cute mom or dad, that’s just going to creep the kids (and the teachers) out. A little subtlety would be nice, but always be on your toes. This means show up to school with minty fresh breath and presentable clothes (not three-day old sweatpants).

Places for volunteer work

To meet someone who supports a cause similar to yours isn’t just romantic—it’s a match made in heaven! Just make sure you actually want to help out, and not just hang around introducing yourself to people. Not only will you get nothing done, you’ll also be labeled a middle-aged nuisance.


Parties are an excellent opportunity to meet him/her

Parties are an excellent opportunity to meet him/her

If you’re having a hard time being invited to parties, why not just host one yourself? Invite your friends, and tell them to bring their single friends along. You can show them around the house—but try not to take too long in showing your coin collection…

Just when you thought you’ll never fall in love again, you realize there still are PLENTY of opportunities for you. Not too shabby, eh? Good luck!

Saying Goodbye To Sugar And Hello To A Healthy Diet!

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Find a balanced healthy sugar free diet

Find a balanced healthy sugar free diet

It is natural for people to crave some sugar every once in a while, whether it be a succulent chocolate bar or just a small piece of candy. Those sweet little treats are usually irresistible, and although it is good to indulge every now and then, having too much sugar can be bad for you. Too much sugar can lead to diabetes and other ailments that can be prevented from moderating your sugar intake.

Bottom-line is too much sugar is very unhealthy. Taking sugar in moderation is okay but if you are looking for completely getting sugar out of your diet then you can read on for five simple tips to do so.

Breakfast is not the only most important meal of the day

Stay healthy with a sugar free diet

Stay healthy with a sugar free diet

Lunch, dinner, and snacks in between breakfast and lunch and lunch and dinner are very important too. But make sure those snacks are nowhere near sugary! When most people get hungry the levels of their blood sugar drop, thus they start craving for some sweet treats. So keep your stomach full, not too full but just enough so you do not succumb to a craving triggered by the low blood sugar.

Be more “natural” with your food choices

“Natural” meaning most likely whole foods, foods that are closest to its original form or unprocessed. This means that it will contain less processed sugar, or no processed sugar at all. A good example would be fruits and vegetables, which can probably also ease your cravings for the unhealthy sweet and sugary treats, as most fruits are naturally sweet.

Start your day with a good and proper breakfast

Exercise and don't skip meals

Exercise and don’t skip meals

Having nothing but carbs, sugar and starch is no good at all. You will be subject to being hungry and craving for sugar for the rest of your day. Entirely skipping breakfast is even worse, it is like not putting any gas in your tank before a long road trip! Have a proper breakfast by eating food containing and rich in protein, phytonutrients and fat. Fill that gas tank right and you will be able to avoid the sugar craving.

Make sure to have protein in each of your meals

This is a great way to control your blood sugar levels, and it will leave you full and you are less likely to find yourself hungry in between meals. Make sure though that your protein options are also healthy. If you happen to not have any protein to eat with your meal you can also put in a little fat, which is still good enough to keep you from getting hungry and craving something sweet.

Spice up your life a little

Avoid sugar craving by eating healthy

Avoid sugar craving by eating healthy

If all these healthy no sugar options start tasting a little bland you can always use certain spices to help with taste and still help you steer clear of sugar. Spices like cardamom, nutmeg, coriander, cloves and cinnamon are good options to naturally sweeten your food and lower chances of cravings.

Hopefully with these tips and some willpower from you, you will be able to adopt to a healthier, sugar-free lifestyle!

Ready For Retirement: 3 Best Money Moves One Must Make Before Retiring

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Enjoy life after retirement

Enjoy life after retirement

After 40 years of working for your company, you finally decided that it is time for you to retire. Planning to embark on another journey of your life which is totally different from what you were used to might be overwhelming. Such a change deserves a little planning before quitting your job. A year before your retirement is enough time for you to plan for another chapter of your life.

It is usually called “the rest of your life.” Okay, never mind the corny joke that I created out of nowhere.

Moving on, what must one do anyway to prepare for his or her retirement? I guess a simpler question is what must one do with all that money he or she has, when he or she retires? You sure don’t want to wake up one day and find out that you’ve already spent all your money away for nothing. With your age, it’s definitely not a good spot to be in. This article will provide 3 money moves one must make before retiring.

1. Make Your Self Knowledgeable

Being ignorant is more expensive rather than taking the time to read books and attend seminars on money. You need to enlarge your financial literacy to avoid all your hard earned money to go to waste. Attending such seminars will give you the chance to meet mentors as well. You can’t take all that information in, in one sitting, with mentors, you’d be able to get ideas regarding the twist and turns and how everything works little by little. It’s time for you to learn how money can work for you.

2. Learning to Become an Investor

Learn about investments

Learn about investments

Investing a portion of your money is probably the wisest decision that you’d ever make when you retire. According to Jim Rohn (entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker) “profits are better than wages.” Since you’re no longer receiving your monthly salary, why not invest a portion of your retirement fund and allow it to earn profit for you. This way, you will not outlive your retirement fund. Prepare yourself by doing some research on how, what and where to invest. That way, when the time comes, you’d be ready, financially, emotionally and intellectually.

3. Continue Saving for Your Emergency Fund

Stick to a budget

Stick to a budget

You can picture yourself living, depending only on your monthly pension. By that time you probably had some investments and a small portion set aside for emergency use only. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to stop saving. There’s no limit on how long you have to save. The more money you save the better.

So, before you plan on spending your retirement fund on an expensive 2 to 3 weeks’ vacation on a tropical island, you might want to think again. I’m not saying that you don’t deserve such an expensive vacation. I’m just saying that you need to take care of your finances first. You don’t want to have nothing left after that grand vacation, so don’t rush it. I’m pretty sure you’ll have plenty of time for it.

Telltale Signs That You Are On A Career Burnout

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Are you on the verge of burnout?

Are you on the verge of a burnout?

Going to the office on regular working days, do the same tasks, chitchat with officemates, enjoy coffee break is the simple routine of most workers in different industries. However, for some of these working people, they tend to get bored of this routine and end up finding their jobs as stressful responsibility. This may not be true to all but it happens to few employees.

Waking up every day without something to look forward to in the working place where you always bound to go is like going nowhere. Let us discuss some situations wherein an employee is experiencing a career burnout. As we go through the details, you should also ask yourself if you are on the same shoes.

What do you mean by career burnout?

Literally, burnout means losing the light, the eagerness, the excitement, melting away the cravings for excellence. If we would relate this term to career status, this simply means that a person is losing the appetite to go to work because of some reasons.

If you are always exhausted it could be burnout syndrome

If you are always exhausted it could be burnout syndrome

Burnout means being exhausted with his daily tasks that he could not feel any fulfillment with whatever he is doing at his work place. The employee is no longer enthusiastic to render his services to the company.

How to assess yourself if you are on a career burnout

One of the most effective ways in assessing yourself of you are on the verge of burnout is to know the signs.

1) You are always complaining – you see every fault of your officemate, of yourself and your company. You seem to cater more of the negative things that are happening around than thinking of the benefits you availed from your job. Worst case if that you make your loved ones crazy because you do not stop complaining and it is causing stress to everyone who listens to your rants.

2) You feel being an outcast – your old friends have pursued their new careers while you are left alone and forced to befriend the new hires. They have different interests with you and you do not feel that you fit in to their group. You tend to lose interest with your tasks as well since you need to coordinate with new people in your workplace whom you do not get along.

3) You want a career change – an opportunity has arrived for you to earn more, which is in line with your passion. You lose the appetite to do your jobs because your mind is floating somewhere.

Should you save yourself from career burnout?

Avoid stress and prevent to burnout

Avoid stress and prevent a burnout

There are other valid reasons why a person would find himself on the verge of burnout. There are also shallow grounds why we tend to experience burnout. It is best that we should assess first ourselves and weight things out if career changes is the only options we have for cure this burnout thing.

If you still want to have the job, yet you just need some major changes with your tasks that would somehow motivate you again to render your services, you should open up your thoughts to the head office because they might have the perfect solution to save your career.